The training “Successful Medical Representative” helps to acquire and standardize key skills for the work of a medical representative in working with doctors and pharmacy staff.

The training is designed for 3 full working days with breaks for 2 coffee breaks and lunch.

In the training can participate as beginner medical representatives and with experience.

For the first - this is an introductory course, for the second - the systematization of the knowledge and experience gained.


A brief training program is outlined below.

Training can be conducted both in corporate and in open format.

The optimal working group is 8-16 participants.

 Тренинг «Успешный медицинский представитель» может проводиться:

at the customer’s office

at the exit

at the regional office

Our office: Kiev, st. Podgornaya, 3 of. 98. 

To reserve participation in the training, please fill out the registration form.

Your phone in the format +38 0XX XXX XX XX