Напечатать визитки — это быстро и просто!

Мы печатаем визитки 2-х видов: индивидуальные — на декоративном картоне, цифровым методом печати и рекламные — полиграфическим методом.

Printing business cards digitally produced in quantities of 99 pieces.

Parameters of paper: plain coated paper with a density of 250 or 300 g / m or decorative cardboard of various textures at the customer's choice. Printing business cards with the cipher method can be on one side or double-sided.

Printing business cards using the printing method from 500 to 20,000 pcs.

Печать визиток полиграфическим методом может быть с одной стороны или двухсторонняя. Параметры бумаги: плотность бумаги 250 — 300 — 350 г/м, бумага мелованная. Нанесение дополнительного покрытия на визитку: глянцевая или матовая ламинация с одной или двух сторон.

A business card with an individual design?

We love such orders. They allow you to give its owner a special status!

Additional operations to give the business card an individual design:
  • rounding edges 1-2-3-4 edges.
  • cutting holes in a business card
  • individual cutting of a business card (requires a preliminary layout for cutting)

Materials and technologies for the manufacture of business cards of individual design:

  • plastic opaque
  • clear plastic
  • blind embossing on business cards
  • color stamping on business cards (gold / silver)

Order business cards now!

If you don’t have a layout, upload what you have (logo or other materials) and we will answer what you can do based on them.

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