Our design studio will develop a design of any complexity (original business cards, flyers, booklets, flyers) will create a corporate style and brand book for products. We will transfer the created corporate style to business cards, calendars, diaries and any other printed products that will be manufactured. our printing house.

We will also prepare materials for printing in other printing houses according to their requirements.

Design can be made on the basis of ready stock materials or materials of the customer.

We also create images from scratch, based on the creative idea approved by the customer.

We also have a professional photographer at our disposal.

For a certain advertising, it is necessary to remove original material, for example, for online stores of clothes, shoes, or for advertising new major brands.

Who are we?

We are a team of like-minded people who like their work.

And as you saw in our gallery, we do something!

Our team has a creative director, designers, each has a good basic skills, and also has its own direction: graphic and print design, 3 D design and animation, web design.

All specialists have long experience and creative approach.

How are we different from other studios?

  1. Working with us, the customer receives a range of services: the development of creative ideas, the preparation of source materials, the creation of the necessary images, products, promotional materials, their production and delivery to the customer.
  2. Saving time and money of the customer due to the coordination of the full range of services from the idea of an advertising campaign to the final product or promoter’s action.

How we are working?

  1. We get the technical task from the client.
  2. We provide a preliminary estimate of work and approve it with the client.
  3. We sign a contract or invoice (for one-time and not a lot of work - up to 5 thousand UAH.) We work on an advance payment of 50% of the cost of work under the contracts.
  4. After receiving the prepayment, we prepare the draft materials for the client.
  5. After approval of one of the draft options (we provide up to 3 options), final materials are developed.
  6. After approval of materials, we expect full payment, after that we transfer materials to the customer.
  7. Conditions of production of printed products can be seen on the page. our printing houseand.