xTeam of professionals

Sergey Spivak
Sergey Yakovenkov
Stefan Kanyus
Olga Syrovatko








Areas of work:

Human Resource Management

Marketing and advertising services

Recruiting (Recruiting) Marketing consulting and outsourcing
Personel assessment WEB-design and promotion
Training Graphic design
Personnel outsourcing Advertising souvenirs
Services outsourcing

from workforce and advertising and marketing services.

UBS Group offers the most popular services for companies aimed at sales: the creation of an effective sales department and high-quality advertising and marketing support.

Work with the workforce includes:

  • Recruiting (Recruitment agency)
  • Trainings (Corporate training and open trainings)
  • Assessment Center (conducting an assessment of the sessions in the selection of personnel, training personnel reserve, strategic sessions)
  • Outsourcing (personnel and services)

Advertising and marketing services

  • Graphic design
  • Website development
  • Creating promotional videos
  • Typography
  • Advertising souvenirs
  • clothing industry