Stefan Kanyus


Business consultant, trainer,

Co-founder and Managing Partner of the UBS Group.


Experience in own business: since September 2014, the head of the UBS Group.

Direction of activity:

Strategic business development planning

Project management, SCRUM management in the company

Personnel development: selection, evaluation and development of talents, consulting on the creation and development of management services and personnel development.

Experience in business and sales: since August 2005

Marketing experience:
  • Pharmaceuticals from 2006 to the present, work experience in companies leading in the pharmaceutical market “Farmak” PJSC, “Abbott laboratoris” Gmbh.

  • Since 2014, marketing and promotion of own projects, as well as marketing consulting and audit of customer projects

Management experience:
  • pharmaceutical sales management since 2006 

  • management of organizations since 2014 your business + consulting business clients

  • Experience in management and strategic consulting of industrial enterprises: since 2016, on a permanent basis, I am a consultant to a company in the oil and gas industry.

Coaching experience:

2006 - 2014 - organization and conduct of internal training for employees of the marketing and sales department.

From 2014 to this day - organizing and conducting trainings for external customers.

Topics of trainings:

"Effective internal communications"

"Team Creation"

"Rules of setting goals and objectives in business"

"Technique effective communication with the client"

"Effective technologies of negotiation and sales"

"Conducting difficult negotiations"

"Strategic planning of the development of the company"

"Methodology of finding bottlenecks and problems and methods for solving them"

“Risk Management Methodology”

"Project Management, Modern Look"

"Increasing labor productivity and staff motivation - SCRUM methodology"

“Communication is an effective managerial toolkit”

Preparing and conducting assessment sessions
  • for the selection of candidates for vacant positions,

  • competency assessment of existing staff,

  • selection of staff for personnel reserve,

  • selection of top managers of the company.


Strategic sessions - preparing and conducting strategic sessions for business managers in the following areas:

  • strategic development companies

  • overcoming team doubts about the need for change

  • lack of communication between departments

Audit and consulting

  • business processes and personnel management,

  • product and marketing strategies and sales

All trainings and consulting events are held after studying the specifics of the client’s business and the actual needs of the company.


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