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Examples of original design of logos, fonts, business cards, product packaging, Corporate ID.

Development of business cards and logos

The client gets acquainted with the company logo first of all.

He may not know about the company's product, its field of activity, not even know the name of the company and its activities, but LOGO can say a lot: name, profile of activity, corporate values.

The most important after the development of the LOGO company is the branding of goods, as well as the creation of a graphic system around the brand. Creating a color scheme, fonts, possible combinations of logo colors and backgrounds. A similar book on the color identification of the brand exists in many well-known companies Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Apple, Samsung, LG, Dell, Mac Donalds, 1 + 1, MTC, Kyivstar.

Periodically, companies update their LOGO, change fonts, color combinations, and Corporate ID, but most often the color scheme, the symbols of logos remain.

Therefore, when working on creating a corporate LOGO and corporate identity, we approach the task globally and recommend that our clients create a Corporate ID - a guide for a corporate brand.

Development of original fonts for logos and corporate style

An example of sketches for an advertising company cosmetic brand.