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Properly and timely trained motivated employees are the (main) source of company profits and contribute to its growth. Despite this, owners are often tempted to solve business problems, relying primarily on the qualifications of top-level managers, their ability to use the “carrot and stick”. However, no matter how competent the first persons are, they cannot “raise” the whole company on their own. In order not only to move forward, but simply not to be “thrown back”, all personnel must be trained. Train systematically and competently.

Then, perhaps, competent TOP managers with experience, knowledge and skills are those professionals who need to improve the skills of the rest of the staff? To understand that this is not so, it is enough to recall the competences and responsibilities of TOPs! It would also be wrong to completely entrust this task to middle managers and line managers. The functional responsibilities of each of them include the training of subordinates, but here it’s rather a matter of transferring personal unique experience rather than systemic training.

System-oriented company function system training delegate training specialists - coaches and coaches.

Our project “Corporate Training” is focused primarily on cooperation with medium-sized businesses - those companies where the number of personnel with similar functionality is large enough to invite external training specialists, but not so much as to have their own trainer or coach in the staffing table. At the same time, many large companies with an already established system of their own corporate training are interested in periodically inviting trainers “from the outside” - to gain additional external experience and a “fresh look” at their staff.

Programs for marketing, brand portfolio management, project management, building, management and effective work of the team are offered for product managers, marketers, sales and promotion managers, and territorial managers.

After the decision of the contracting company about cooperation with UBS Trainings, and before the training we hold several meetings. At these meetings, trainers, together with the responsible representatives of the customer, clarify the subject of the training, discuss and approve a detailed training program.


We are glad to cooperate with everyone and are ready to share our knowledge and experience!

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