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Website creation, domain name selection and purchase, recommendation of optimal hosting, choice of CMS, web-design, copywriting or rewriting, content placement, creation individual mailbox on your domain or organization of corporate mail, multilingual site, CEO, SMM - inAll these, and many other services, we will provide you on favorable terms!

We will create a website that you need.

The IT division of Ukrainian Business Solutions Group is engaged in the creation of websites, web design, writing content on the site, SEO website optimization.

Ukrainian Business Solutions Group specialists will register a domain name in the client's name, select the appropriate hosting, create and administer mailboxes.

We are also happy to teach our customers to administer their sites.

To create websites we use popular and easy to manage CMS (Content Managemant Systems).

What is a website for business and what does it matter?

Now the site is equal to new customers, and customers, as you know, are profits. Therefore, even the simplest site should help businesses make money.

How to briefly describe what we do?

As an advertising agency, we can provide services for the creation of a turnkey website or do for the customer that part of the work that he needs.

Turnkey website. What does it mean?

This is a fully working site with an approved design, structure, various content, SEO optimization, with a domain name purchased and issued for the client, paid for by the hosting company for the required period. We do all the work to create a website for the customer.

What then does the customer do?

Our customers have to tell us their vision of the site - an uncomplicated brief-technical task is filled in, in which you need to specify the main purpose of the site - a personal site, an online store, a company business card, the desired name is a domain name, and the number of sections and subsections, the need for email, number of addresses. Also important is the forecast of site traffic, the geography of visitors, as well as the site will increase in the future.

Most sites have a commercial focus and are used by companies to contact the target audience and increase sales, so we take into account these features when creating a site design. The site should not only be beautiful and functional, but also correspond to the worldview of the target audience.

 Original Web design. Do you always need to develop?

Let's go back to the site design issue. Please do not confuse the word web-design and site creation. These are completely different concepts. Design means the creation of unique graphic styles and images on the site. To do this, we have a team of designers working with the prefix Web.

Now there are a lot of sample sites where there is already a ready-made color theme, a set of pictures and access to such a template can be obtained after registration, for example: WordPress, Joomla, Wix and others. Tools and templates are enough to make an uncomplicated website and place it on a hosting company that provides a template for free, for example Wix, or make a website on a previously purchased hosting.

In the event that you develop your own brand or a whole line of brands, we recommend using the original design when creating websites that would correspond to the brand book on advertising the brand - the brand book. If there is none, we will gladly create it for you, and then we will be guided by it when creating everything that says about the brand.

A high-quality design, a properly designed structure along with the right SEO-optimization and Internet advertising will always give your business new customers.

In short, this is all that you can quickly tell about the creation of the site and its design.

Below we give examples of different estimates. We also included in the cost of site administration. Prices are in dollars, as it is an international currency. Price


Contact us contact us and make sure that your site is simple, fast and not expensive!

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