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Creative idea, and not just an idea, but an idea that will help implement the customer’s marketing strategy. What requirements do we place on successful creative ideas?

Requirements for ideas:

  1. The idea is aimed at the target audience of the customer.
  2. Causes interest in the target audience.
  3. Corresponds to the positioning of the product.
  4. Contains the basic information message about the advertised product or service.
  5. Meets legal requirements for advertising in the region.

Starting materials. To do this, we have at our disposal our own and international photo banks, as well as our photo artist and design team.

Often we are faced with the question of what is better? Buy a photo from a photo bank, or create your own original?

There is no definite answer to this question, since everything depends on the goals, needs and budget allocated for the creation of advertising.

When using the finished material, we definitely save time and money, because we have a ready-made layout that we adapt to the promotional material. What are the disadvantages in this version - it is not always possible to find what you need, especially when you need a certain suit for advertising “characters”: people or products.

Often in photobanks there are no necessary angles, postures, facial expressions, gestures. Additional processing of the material from the photobank, for example, cutting out some fragments and replacing them with others does not give the desired quality of the material; authenticity and credibility are lost, which will necessarily affect the perception of the advertising image by the target audience of consumers.

Sometimes such savings lead to the fact that the cost of the work of designers when creating complex compositions can exceed the cost when using the footage on original materials.

Another very big risk when using is the loss of originality. Since international photo banks are used by many advertising agencies, freelance designers, printers because of their accessibility (there is even a free photo database) there is no guarantee that tomorrow you will not see the same person on your competitor’s promotional materials, which will want to switch on all customers. Sometimes the same images are used in advertising campaigns for products from different markets.



First of all, we get originality, that is, the uniqueness of the advertising image. Only one company - the customer has the right to use and all the source materials. We get the advertising image we need in the right perspective, a costume, with the right gesture, a model of the right age. If you need to create an image of a family or a plot image of a person, we will cast models by gender, age, height, hair color, eyes, etc. We can make the necessary hairstyle and makeup models. Cooperation with model agencies and schools allows us to choose what the client needs and get high-quality material for the further creation of advertising. Naturally, the creative process requires large material and time resources, but with proper planning of works, time and budget is saved.



Based on the position that advertising should be beneficial, and in the case of business, it is sales and image, you need to do just such advertising. Advertising for the sake of beauty or creativity, even if everyone likes it, does not make sense. The main thing in creating advertising is the correct positioning of the product and getting to the target audience with a key message through the promotion channel. The quality of advertising materials allows you to attract the attention of representatives of the target audience, "pull out" representatives of the target audience from the information noise of competitors, and convey to the buyer the meaning of the advertising message, as well as induce them to action (purchase of goods, services or other things that you need ). That is why the customer hires an advertising agency.



Most often, ideas and strategies are born within the company, they are connected with the vision of management and technological processes, and competition in the market. Often, an advertising agency is the first external "consumer" of the idea of promoting a company's product to the market. It is in our eyes that you can meet understanding and perception, and when working together, we will be able to find the best ways to implement your ideas. In addition, we can pre-test all ideas on focus groups. Interviews are also held with representatives of the target audience. To do this, we collect volunteers - representatives of the target audience, which according to the algorithm developed with the customer we ask questions.

So you can test everything - product design, advertising image, key messages, find out what the representative of the target audience thinks about.

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