Training "Team Building"

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What is a team, and how does a team differ from a group of people or a team?

Can you answer the question: "Is there a team in your company?"

How does teamwork affect business goals?

Do you even need a team, or vice versa, you need to manage people on the principle of "divide and conquer"?


We will try to briefly and accessiblely answer these questions.

Since the majority of employees, as in others and managers, do not fully imagine what a team is, and plunging the reader of this page into the deep psychological aspects of interpersonal relationships in various types of functional and communicative communities is not a rewarding work that does not meet understanding, we will tell simple with words about why a team is needed and why it is effective.

And so, imagine that business is a sport. At the same time, apart from your "team" there are competitors. The award in the competition - the company's place in the market, new customers, sales, increased profits, growth of the company.

Agree that the prizes are tempting, and I would like to get them ...

Will the owners be able to do everything themselves? - If you own a shawarma stall and work there yourself, of course, but if you have a production, warehouse, logistics, sales department, then it is unlikely that something will work out without coordinated work of all departments and employees.

And so imagine that you are the owner of a football club, and you have good players: forwards, midfielders, defenders, goalkeepers. Can we say that this is all that is needed for a successful game? No, since a match is not just running around the field, but a well-coordinated game. While they are not a team, but a group of people who went to the football field to train. At the same time, their daily wages are calculated for each day ... and this is how it turns out that the guys have not won a single match yet, and they are already dropping money.

And so the first level of employee organization is Groupwhen people don’t unite anything, they don’t understand who is next to them, they don’t know how to interact, they don’t know who and what they can do, therefore they don’t count on a neighbor, they do everything they care only for their result. In the event of a critical situation, everyone will protect their interests and neglect the interests of others, and even pull everyone down to save themselves.

Who did not see anything familiar? Some sort of bank with spiders, not a team.

We all understand how productive such a community is. Is it able to fulfill its goals 100%? No, it is not capable, the maximum that is possible - part of the group members can do 100% or more of their work, but at the expense of others. Therefore, the overall result will always be less than 100%, closer to 70%.

This is where we got the answer to the question of whether to “divide and conquer?” The answer is one - “It’s not worth it, if your goal is to get results, and not to enjoy the process”.

Having become a Group and having become acquainted with each other, our players start to play “pass”, pass the ball, interact, everyone knows their role, and work out their salary in training. Each employee performs his job well, knows that the one who is nearby will play correctly, brings his own contribution to the common cause. But the defenders think that they should let the forward score, he in turn, that defending the gate is not his concern, he is the attacker, he should be given the ball, and he will score it at the opponent’s gate, and therefore he “walks” in the middle of the field the enemy, even when he counterattacks. Everyone fulfills their roles, they can even win against rival teams, especially those who are still at the Group stage. Such a community of people professionally performing their duties and giving the result we call the Team.

But the question is: “The group has already become a team, but is it ready to win the championship?”

We can answer that: “To earn a salary - yes, but to become a champion is doubtful”.

What does the team need to become winners?

How to make the company not only “survive”, but also succeed, step by step to victory, ahead of the competitors, become the market leader?

The company needs a team, and this is more than a team.

A distinctive feature of the Team is "Synergy effect"in which employees complement each other, take responsibility for the overall result, share resources and actively interact. The team understands that success, the result can be achieved only together, supporting and helping each other.

The overall efficiency in the team is greater than its individual player.

The business goals will be fulfilled by the Team with overfulfilment, the company will grow and develop, taking up higher and higher positions in the market.

Many successful companies have gone from group to team and are the best.

And at what stage are the employees in your organization?

If you want to raise the level of cohesion in your organization, strive to make the Team or Team Team, fill out the form below and we will contact you.