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Presentations and public speaking


Training "Mastery of Effective Presentations and Public Speaking"

"... ideas themselves are valuable ... the main task is to implement them practically"

Henry Ford

And in order for this to happen, and the idea brought a concrete practical result in the future, for the beginning it is necessary to tell about it correctly to other people so that they can hear us, accept our arguments, agree to take concrete actions in response to our business proposal.


Who will benefit from this training?


Managers and employees who negotiate with clients in B2B, B2C formats, project managers, businessmen.


What can you learn?

Join us and you will learn how:

  • professionally present ideas and projects / services / products
  • speak convincingly
  • correctly convey, “sell” ideas and interest the target audience
  • develop public speaking skills, persuasions in business presentations
  • correctly argue your position

Training participants will receive:

  • result of work with individual themes of presentations and speeches
  • workshop in persuasion, argumentation and "sale"
  • new ideas for business, increasing its efficiency

Training conducts:

Oksana Pisarevskaya

Business coach, consultant and coach for the development of personal skills.

Training Expert:

  • public speaking, public speaking,
  • psychology of communication, communications,  
  • development of managerial skills of managers, coaching competencies of trainers

Practical experience in the field of training - more than 5 years.

More than 4.5 thousand training hours in the corporate training format:

She trained more than 10,000 heads of METINVEST Group companies:

Top managers, managers, personnel reserve.

Brief training program


The payment for the training includes:

Set of materials

  • Participant's workbook
  • Compact disc with "dry residue" and a selection of recommended literature

4 coffee breaks, 2 lunches


* Accommodation for non-resident participants of the training can be organized for an additional fee.

** For organization of corporate training, please call +38 050 958 25 76

For corporate clients, this training can be adapted to the working specifics.


Training duration: 2 days

For details, call +38 044 223 09 67

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