Портфолио Продакт менеджер

Portfolio Product Manager


Portfolio-Product-ManagementThe representative office of the European pharmaceutical company, a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products announces a competition for the position of the Portfolio Product Manager.

Requirements for candidates:

  • Experience product manager from 3 years
  • Rx / OTC product portfolio management experience
  • strategic marketing planning skills
  • production planning skills
  • experience in drug sales planning
  • experience in drug packaging design and product portfolio design


  • Development and implementation of strategies to promote the company's product portfolio on the market
  • Market analysis of segments in which the company's portfolio products are presented
  • Positioning, selection of price segment, constant monitoring of changes in the marketing activity of competitors in order to increase sales of portfolio products
  • Development of packaging design and promotional materials products portfolio
  • Development and implementation of media strategies for the promotion of OTC drugs portfolio
  • Development of strategy and tactics of promotion of Rx drugs of the company
  • Planning and implementation of drug promotion programs through pharmacy chains
  • Planning the work of the CAM service company with portfolio products
  • Monitoring and planning stock balances of products and the supply of new batches of products
  • Research trends in the pharmaceutical market and making proposals for the development and registration of new products for the market of Ukraine
  • Control of the development process, registration of "new products" of the company
  • Monitoring the status of implementation of the company's product portfolio sales plans

Working conditions:

  • Official employment and 100% official salary
  • Social guarantees according to the Labor Code
  • Competitive Wage and Bonus System
  • Comfortable workplace
  • Corporate car
  • Health insurance

We are waiting for your resume at: vacancy@ubs.org.ua

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