xTeam of professionals

Our activities can be divided into two main areas: working with workforce and advertising and marketing services.

UBS Group offers the most popular services for companies aimed at sales: the creation of an effective sales department and high-quality advertising and marketing support.

Work with the workforce includes:

  • Recruiting (Recruitment agency)
  • Trainings (Corporate training and open trainings)
  • Assessment Center (conducting an assessment of the sessions in the selection of personnel, training personnel reserve, strategic sessions)
  • Outsourcing (Project outsourcing and conducting promotions)

Advertising and marketing services

  • Graphic design
  • Website development
  • Creating promotional videos
  • Typography
  • Advertising souvenirs
  • clothing industry



Младший ОТС КАМ (Львов) в европейскую фармацевтическую компанию

. Представительство европейской фармацевтической компании открывает конкурс на замещение вакантной должности Младший менеджер по работе с ключевыми клиентами ОТС направления, г. Львов . ТРЕБОВАНИЯ К СОИСКАТЕЛЯМ: Образование: высшее медицинское, фармацевтическое или экономическое Опыт работы с ключевыми Read more...

Driver categories “C” and “E”

The Poltava company working in the field of oil and gas production, invites a permanent driver of category “C” and “E” to a DAF tractor (photo of a real car). Requirement: Experience in driving heavy vehicles from 2 years. Working conditions: business trips in Ukraine to Read more...

Medical representative of OTX in Mariupol

The representation of the Western European pharmaceutical company announces a competition for the vacancy of a medical representative in the city of Mariupol. \ \ \ Requirements for candidates: Higher education medicine or pharmaceuticals Experience as a medical representative from one year Knowledge of the territory of the city of Mariupol Read more...